Rome, Italy


Kacie and I in front of the Wedding Cake

Rome was, quite simply, wild. After a high speed train ride from Florence, I hit the ground running. I took a two hour walk and saw an ancient building at every turn, or so it seemed. Then I met my friend, Kacie Dietz, for a scrumptious pasta lunch. She gave me the low down on the city and how I should spend my time.

That afternoon, the Roman Forum, the ruins of ancient Rome, was brought alive by a very sarcastic, black clad, red haired, American tour guide. I bumped into the tour group after five minutes of being in the Forum and sneakily listened. Then when the guide stopped to draw breath, I asked if I could join his tour and give him five euro at the end.

If it wasn’t clear to me from touring Rome that morning, the forum showed just how vast ancient Roman knowledge was. The forum hosted original aquaducts, which looked like piles of rubble to me, but I am sure they would have looked like golden arches to my engineer father.

Ancient Roman aquaducts

Ancient Roman aquaducts

The next morning, I was up early to see the Colloseum, and listened to the Rick Steve’s audio guide while I meandered through the great structure. Then it was off to a tour of the Vatican. Complete with the  Vatican Museums (huge and amazing), the Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s bascillica. AMAZING.


The Roman Colloseum

The Roman Colloseum

Through all of this I had a great friend along with me, P. Fran. A bobble head of Pope Francis that I had bought at the Roman Forum the day before. He starred in many of my snapchats and pictures. The Romans sure do know how to capitalize on that man.FullSizeRenderMy third and last day in Rome I saw the under-construction Trevi Fountain (so sad), the Spanish steps, took a walk through a park, had the most amazing pizza at Pinsere Roma, gelato with an American boy studying in Spain, and explored the Jewish Ghetto with the help of my boy, Rick Steves.


Pinsere Roma

The Jewish Ghetto is overlooked by most Roman visitors, but it was one of my favorite parts. The ghetto compromises of a couple of streets a stones throw from the Colloseum. Amazing food and history.

Rome was just awesome.


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